Not long ago the Corporate Educational Agency of the Diocese of Mananthavady (CEADOM) has embarked on an ambitious project for introducing an e-platform for all its activities. This web portal is a part of that project. The project is almost complete and is ready for opening it up for the use of the public. Most of the services provided by CEADOM are available through this portal. This is especially useful, besides students, for teachers and those aspiring to be teachers in the schools under CEADOM. The portal is very user-friendly and contains a lot of useful features. I am sure that all those who have one or other thing to do with the office of CEADOM will find this portal extremely useful and easy to use. On this occasion I congratulate Rev Fr John Ponparackal, the Corporate Manager, and his team for the excellent work that they have done.

Bishop Jose Porunnedom
( Bishop of Mananthavady Diocese )